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Allow us to introduce ourselves

We are ACSS, known throughout the UK for providing the very best in fish factory processing data capture systems.

Our Aquarius software solution for wholesale and catering fish suppliers, is a unique, modular package designed specifically for the fish industry by people who know the challenges of the fish industry inside out.

We keep your system running smoothly so you can concentrate on what you do best - providing quality fish to your customers.

With our software excellence and attention to detail, you can count on large labour savings and increased productivity, ensuring that fish is prepped exactly as your customer likes it every time. Vans are away filled with error-free deliveries hours earlier than when compared to using manual paper-based systems.

Our Happy Customers

Take a look at what some of our customers have to say about ACSS

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"The ACSS Aquarius system has enabled us to pack much more efficiently, to control waste and saves time in the factory. Without the system we would not be able to process the same number of orders we do at present."

Edward Lakeman -  Director, Ocean Fish (Vistgate Ltd)

"When we decided to install a software system to replace our paper-based one, we chose ACSS because their system offered the best solution for our needs.

By installing the system, we have seen several major benefits; packing has become quicker and more efficient; we have a large reduction in errors; invoicing is faster and more accurate; vans are loaded correctly with no boxes missed. This has resulted in a significant reduction in labour charges.

I would urge anyone still using paper-based systems to install an ACSS system."

Johnny Godden - Owner, Flying Fish Seafood Company

"Without question the best decision we ever made was going with ACSS Ltd.

The ongoing support is first class, any adjustments we need to fit into the fast changing nature of our business is met with the best solutions in a timely manner.

The huge difference ACSS's system made to our operating efficiency could never of been anticipated - just brilliant."

William Crooks - Director, Dennis Crooks Fish Merchants

"BNFS has been using the ACSS system since 2015 and it has completely transformed our business in terms of efficiency and productivity. It has fast become a crucial tool for the management of Purchases and stock control.

Data reports that ACSS generates has given our business a unique insight into the sales figures with the touch of a button. The support ACSS provides is absolutely outstanding which is key when you have a bespoke system like this. I really can't thank them enough. Highly recommended!"

Kier Foster - Director, Brighton and Newhaven Fish

"The bespoke system that ACSS installed helped us through a tough yet very important stage in our company development. They created a more efficient system that suited our needs, from which we've already seen the benefits in terms of efficency savings and scope for growth. We're now in a position to further increase our client base and this wouldn't have been possible without the ACSS system. Due to their hard work and dedication, we now look forward to a more successful future."

Matthew Stevens - Managing Director, Matthew Stevens & Sons

"The system has simplified our business immeasurably. We used to manually hand-write everything. Now each box is weighed and labelled through the computerised weighing system and orders are imported and invoiced through our accounts system. This has saved lots of time and mistakes that the hand-written system used to create. We would definitely recommend ACSS to anyone who requires a system that is flexible and works. The system is easy to use and the levels of support are perfect. We have used this system for 10 years now and would never go back to using paper systems."

Stephen James - Partner, W. James & Sons

"Having worked with ACSS since it started, and some of its staff members for over 10 years now, the level of support and commitment has been exceptional. The tailored factory solutions have helped us grow and move forward as a company. The hardware and software has always been well received by our staff and we look forward to working with them, and their continued support over the coming years. I would have no hesitation in recommending ACSS Ltd to anyone in the future"

Mark Greet - Managing Director, Falfish

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About ACSS


ACSS are run by a friendly team, who also happen to be quite passionate about fish, between us we have over 35 years in the data capture and weighing industry. We have grown year on year and are proud to have installed systems to many well-respected companies within the fish processing industry.

Our systems provide you with:

  • A simplified sales ordering process
  • Error free fish preparation
  • Quick and efficient van loading
  • Automatic invoice and dispatch paperwork printed
  • No delivery drivers waiting for paperwork

mainocm ACSS are proud to have been developing and supplying our pioneering Aquarius fish packing, traceability and data capture systems for over 15 years. Our first fish packing system was developed in conjunction with Richard and Steve James of W James and Son, Newlyn, Cornwall. They explained their problems and what they felt was needed from a fish system, and what was on their wish list in an ideal world scenario. We wrote the software to provide a solution.

This exercise proved that none of the existing food processing software packages were compatible with the way that the fish industry works. The Aquarius fish packing system is unique and designed specifically for the fish processing industry.

Our reputation for quality systems backed up by outstanding service is second to none. We believe that the best way to keep a customer is to make sure that we take care of them. All our customers who have implemented the system have gone from strength to strength - a system from ACSS gives you a competitive advantage.

We take the time to understand the way you work and we then provide you the solution. Our aim is to empower you with the best system possible, tailored to suit your needs, so that you see major benefits. The Aquarius system will save you time and money.

Contact us now for a free demonstration/no obligation quote and get a system designed for you that works for you.

Aquarius Support

We believe that the best way to keep a customer is to make sure that we take care of them.

When you purchase a system from us, we understand that you are running a time critical factory processing operation. Every minute of downtime can have an impact on your productivity. The Aquarius system comes with a one-year remote support contract as standard. It's important you trust that if something goes wrong, you can email or pick up the phone and we will get you up and running again quickly.

Remote Support
Real-Time Support
Out of Hours Support
Onsite Support Available
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We pride ourselves on providing an excellent support service to you.
But you don't just have to take our word for it

"Ocean Fish, as a supplier to the Supermarkets and the catering fish trade, run a time critical operation. Having used the Aquarius system from ACSS for over 7 years now, we can with all honesty say that the levels of service and support are impeccable.

Any issues are dealt with in an extremely timely and professional manner. We very much appreciate the out of hours support, which is always dealt with efficiently and quickly, no matter what time of day or night.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the Aquarius system from ACSS Ltd to any fish suppliers."

Leigh Genge - Managing Director, Ocean Fish (Vistgate Ltd)

"The Level of support and commitment from ACSS is exceptional"

Mark Greet - Managing Director, Falfish

"Ongoing support is first class, any adjustments we need to fit into the fast-changing nature of our business is met with the best solutions in a timely manner."

William Crooks - Director, Dennis Crooks Fish Merchants

"The ACSS system is easy to use and the levels of support are perfect"

Stephen James - Partner, W James and Sons

"Richard at ACSS has through their system supported the growth of our company, not only did the out of the box program enrich the way in which we process but the ongoing support allows us to specifically tailor the program to suit our own processing needs. ACSS offers responsive support when any issues do arise of which are always quickly rectified"

Johnny Godden - Owner, Flying Fish Seafood Company

"The support ACSS provides is absolutely outstanding which is key when you have a bespoke system like this. I really can't thank them enough. Highly recommended!"

Kier Foster - Director, Brighton and Newhaven Fish

Why Use the ACSS Fish Factory System?

Simple to use

Significant time saving over paper systems

Labels automatically produced when fish is weighed

Each box of fish is given a unique box number

Despatch and traceability details recorded in one procedure

Label printed in any language

Compatible with current fish regulations

Easy label design software

Goods received, delivery note and invoice design

Full range of reports

Data correction facility

Bespoke software options available, custom-designed to suit your specific requirement.

Invoices automatically produced

aquarius logo ACSS fish factory systems encompass a range of software written especially for the fish industry. Designed to minimise data entry and maximise throughput, customers who use our fish factory systems report up to 50% labour saving when compared to using a manual system to complete similar tasks.

Our factory system enables fish coming in to be easily identified and weighed into stock. Goods in can also be linked to the purchase order processing system. This gives real time raw material stock management, by allocating unique barcodes which also provide the initial basis for your fish traceability system. As the raw materials enter the factory the unique barcode is scanned, providing valuable information about the work in progress.

Orders are entered on to your office PC, either manually, or via EDI. These sales orders then appear on your factory touch screen for weighing. The system allows you to weigh the same order on two or more terminals if necessary.

Operators can prep and pack products according to instructions and view quality control pictures on the screen. As each box is packed, the system produces a label, and captures the weight for invoicing. When your products are ready for despatch, a hand-held scanner will give all order information against each customer. Operatives can scan each element of the order, feeding real time information back to your office system, detailing the progress of each order.

Simplicity. Peace of Mind. Aquarius.

By installing the Aquarius fish factory system you no longer have to put up with:

handwritten box labels

manually prepared invoices

boxes put on the wrong transport

lost orders

errors on data entry

mistakes in fish preparation

drivers waiting for completed paperwork

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Whether you are a small wholesaler or a large processor - we have a system for you.

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For more information about how an ACSS Fish Factory System can help you to improve your business please contact us on +44 (0) 8450 743565 or


Why Do Fish Processors Need Data Capture Software?

Ocean Fish Makes the Best Use of Aquarius

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